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Massage Therapy

At (I) Spa our talented and professional staff is dedicated to providing you with the most personalized spa experience. Our massage therapy services are customized for you and your needs to help you feel your best while enjoying your time at (I) Spa.

Swedish Massage                                       

Improve circulation, ease muscle aches and relieve tension. This flowing, moderate pressure massage will induce a deep feeling of relaxation.

Deep Tissue Massage                        

This deep pressure massage uses therapeutic techniques to concentrate on problem areas to relieve sore, tired or overworked muscles.  Great for athletes or those who receive massage regularly.

Aromatherapy Massage                                

This is our relaxing Swedish massage using essential oils for an enhanced sensory experience.

Hot Stone Massage                

This massage uses smooth, heat retaining stones combined with Swedish and Deep Tissue techniques. The relaxing and sedating warmth from the stones allows the therapist to work deeper into the muscles, melting away the stress that has you in knots. This is an ideal massage if you enjoy heat therapies or are sensitive to the cold.

East/West Blend Massage

This massage combines the pressure point work of Shiatsu with relaxing Swedish techniques to give your body a feeling of renewal and vitality.

Traveler’s Tonic Massage                                

This combination of Swedish, Deep Tissue and Aromatherapy Massage helps weary travelers fight fatigue and restore vitality with a specially formulated blend of essential oils.

Mother-to-be Massage                        

This massage is personalized to meet the unique needs of pregnancy by promoting circulation, relaxation and improve muscle and joint functions.  Please advise us of expected delivery date at the time of booking.

Couple’s Massage                

Enjoy a relaxing massage with a loved one or friend in the privacy of our couple’s spa suite designed for two.  Each person has the choice of massage type.

Express Massage                                        

Swedish techniques are used to loosen tight muscles, soothe soreness and increase circulation. Common areas of focus are the back and shoulders, or arms and hands, or legs and feet depending on your preference.


Pressure is applied to vital points on the feet or hands to help balance the body and alleviate stress.

Massage Enhancements

Spine Revitalizer Treatment

Experience the detoxifying effects of marine nutrients and minerals. This self-heating and effervescent seaweed mask is applied to your back during a massage to encourage the release of toxins and increase circulation enhancing the benefits of your massage. There is no additional time needed for this enhancement.

Dry Body Brushing

This brisk and beneficial treatment uses a dry body brushing of the whole body to stimulate the lymphatic and circulatory systems for increased toxin elimination.

Head & Scalp Treatment

A relaxing and soothing treatment that blends massage and pressure point therapy to loosen and revive the overworked muscles of the scalp and neck to stimulate circulation and relaxation.

Body Therapies

BODY POLISH                

Allow us to customize your exfoliation options based on your skin type and condition. Sugar scrubs are a gentle form of exfoliation, while our salt scrub is perfect for a more aggressive polishing experience. Either choice will leave your skin supple and smooth. The use of our unique Vichy Shower completes this luxurious experience.


All the benefits of a facial combined with the relaxation of a massage for your street worn, and weary feet. We start with a warm cleanse, followed by exfoliation, a hydrating mask, paraffin, luxurious massage and topped off with a refreshing peppermint cream.  Perfect treat after a long day of sightseeing in San Francisco or after practicing your dance moves all night.

DETOXIFYING BODY WRAP                 

The skin is the largest organ of our body, and has the biggest impact on detoxification.  If your goal is to draw out impurities or to kick-start a healthier lifestyle this is the perfect prelude allowing your body to do the work.  

Begin with dry body brushing, gentle exfoliation, followed by a seaweed mask that has super strength detoxifying power. Finally, you will be wrapped in a warm cocoon to relax the body, eliminate toxins, and absorb vital minerals, as you enjoy a decadent head and scalp massage. The experience is finished with Vichy Shower Immersion, leaving your skin and body detoxified, and re-mineralized.

Waxing Services

(I)Spa uses both hard and soft waxes to minimize discomfort and reduce redness and irritation that can be caused by waxing services. Guests using Accutane, Retin A, Renova, Differin or any other types of oral or topic prescription are not eligible for waxing services. Please consult your Esthetician before your service.

  • Brow Clean up
  • Brow Shaping/Design
  • Lip
  • Cheeks
  • Chin
  • Full Face
  • Underarms
  • Forearms
  • Full Arms 
  • Chest
  • Abdomen 
  • Lower Back
  • Full Back 
  • Bikini
  • Extended Bikini 
  • Brazilian Bikini 
  • Cheeky parts
  • Half Legs
  • Full Legs
  • Full Body


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