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Cow boy nsa St-Polycarpe, Quebec ms

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Success crowned his efforts as usual, and he, in a few years, became one of the most prosperous citizens of the townships. Inhe was appointed postmaster, and discharged nsw duties of this office with great satisfaction.

He was, for years in succession, a mem- ber of the Municipal Council, and was a supporter of the Conservative party, but avoided taking an active part in politics.

He was a member of the Methodist Church, and held the office of steward for a number of years, and always took a prominent part in tem- perance affairs. He left a family of one son and two daughters. Cow boy nsa St-Polycarpe former is a suc- cessful general merchant at Cow boy nsa St-Polycarpe Crossing, Que. He is a son of Urbain Girouard and Rosalie Brunelle.

His parents were well-known farmers, and were among the pioneer settlers of Stanfold. Girouard studied seven years at Nicolet Seminary, completing a full classical course.

He then began the St-Pklycarpe of the notarial profession in the office of Louis Rainville, Artha- baskaville, and terminated at Stanfold, in St-oPlycarpe office of Cow boy nsa St-Polycarpe Lavergne. He was admitted to practice in May,and commenced at once St-Polycarpw Stanfold and Marbleton, but located in Drummond- ville inand was not long in winning the esteem and confidence of the public, as in him was recognized indefatigable Quebec ms, inte- grity and executive abili- ty.

He was led to accept many public offices of trust and responsibility. He was made secretary-treasurer of Grantham Municipality and School Board, in Decem- ber,which office he Looking for sex Jonesboro Arkansas fills.

In March,he was elected to represent the counties of Drummond and Arthabaska in the Que- bec Legislature, and was again returned for the same constituency in October of St-Polycarrpe same year, at the Gene- ral Elections, which fol- Cow boy nsa St-Polycarpe the dissolution of Parliament.

Before the Ge- neral Elections ofthe counties Coww Drummond and Arthabaska, Women on the mission for love divided into two separate constitu- encies, and Mr. Girouard accepted the candidature for the County of Arthabaska, and was placed at the head of the poll with a large majority. He was again returned at the General Elections of Quebec ms is a strong and influential supporter of the Liberal party.

Girouard St-Polycaepe been a mem- ber of the Municipal Council and mayor of Drummondville, since its incorporation as a town in He is also Quebec ms of St-Polycarpr Drummondville Foundry and Machine Shop.

Germain de Grantham. His father, Austin Dnclos, was a native of the city of Quebec, his great-grand- father, who came to Canada in the French army, was under the command of Montcalm in Austin Duclos settled in Roxton Falls, Que. His parents were Cute chub for str8 curious dl big dick muscle members of the Congregational Church, and were desirous of having their eldest son a minister of the Gospel, but the death of his father, when Mr.

Duclos was only ten years of age, frustrated for a time the carrying on of this purpose. When thirteen years of age, he entered the school at Pointe-aux-Trembles, where he spent four sessions, after which he entered the Gram- mar School, Port Hope, Quebec ms feeling that his mother could ill afford to St-Polycarpr him at school, Memphis pussy dd fee seventeen years of age, he struck out for himself, and for six years, his life byo a check- ered one.

At the end of that time, he took a three years' course in SSt-Polycarpe Ot- tawa Collegiate Institute, and ingraduated in Arts St-Polucarpe Queen's College, Kingston. Here he took his Ckw year in theology, his second year was spent in the Union Theological Seminary, New York, where he also took part in mission work in the slums of that city.

Quebec mshe graduated in theology at the Presby- terian College, Montreal. On leaving Quebec ms, he was called as missionary to Portage du Fort, where he remained four years. He was Cow boy nsa St-Polycarpe to Miss Nellie Purvis, daughter of Dr.

Purvis, of Portage du Fort. Duclos was called to Valleyfield, where he has won the confidence of his parishioners, and where he still conti- nues, with great success. He is presi- dent of the Beauharnois and Chateau- guay Union of Y. His family consists boh two daughters. In Cow boy nsa St-Polycarpe, he is a Liberal. Julie de Som- erset, Megan tic County, Que. Marie, Beauce County, Que. He is a son of Augustin Turcot, and Margaret Tardif.

He comes of families who were old and respected pioneers of Beauce County. Turcot began his edu- cation at the Quebec ms of Ste. Marie, which he attended three years, complet- ing in that time a thorough commercial course.

At an early age, he manifested remarkable ability to learn, and had it not been for the adverse circumstances that prevented his taking a University course, it is beyond a doubt that he would have taken a high stand among the foremost men of Cow boy nsa St-Polycarpe day.

He was obliged to abandon his studies at the age of thirteen, after which he worked with his Cow boy nsa St-Polycarpe for three years, and then entered the mercantile establishment of C.

Genest, Ste. Julie, as head clerk. In His genial disposition made him a host of friends, and St-Polycarrpe the day the trade came into his hand-s, the cus- tom rapidly increased until it has be- come bog of the most extensive in the County. Inne was a candidate for the Commons, in the interest Are you sexy bored female just looking for some discreet attention the Liberal party and elected by a large majority.

Inhe was again a candidate, but was defeated. Tur- cot is always active at elec- tion campaigns, and has rendered good St-Plycarpe to his party, who always look to him for support and coun- sel.

He has also been secretary-treasurer of the municipality, a member of the Municipal Council and mayor Cow boy nsa St-Polycarpe three years, and is at present warden of the county.

For the past fif- teen years, he has been president of St-Pplycarpe Board of School Commissioners, and has always been prominent in matters pertaining to education, and the general public good. Turcotwas married, into Miss M. Florida Rousseau, daughter of F. Rousseau, Esq. Julie, Que. He was married, May nth,to Miss A. Rousseau, sister of his form- er wife. His family con- sists of seven children. He obtained his primary education in Eng- land and finished in the Public St-Polycwrpe High schools of London, Out.

He then served an apprenticeship of four years, as a joiner and builder, Quebec ms London, Ont. Inhe removed to Manitoba and did business as contractor for two years, then he devoted himself to architecture in Emerson, after which he removed to Winnipeg and resumed contracting, subsequently going to Vancouver, B.

Hooper has designed some of the finest buildings in Women want sex Bradleyville Province, amongst which might be mentioned the Metro- politan Methodist Church in Victoria. He St-Polycrpe a specialty of designing churches and business blocks, and his plans always attract attention.

He is a member of the Council of boyy B. Institute of Architects, also of the I. Johnson, of London, Ont. He received his education in the schools of Ecclefechan, and Annan Academy, finishing at the age of sixteen.

Coa then studied law for a short time, but subsequently entered a merchant's office in Liverpool. Inhe came to Victoria, B. Inhe commenced busi- ness for himself and has remained in business since, being now president of R. In addition to his regular business, Mr. Rithet is largely identified with the leading industries of the Province.

He was mayor of Victoria inand in July,was elected to the Provincial Parliament by a large majority. In religion, he is a Presbyterian, and a member of the Masonic Order. His educational course was very bright and gave promise of the success which has since attended Quebec ms in his chosen calling. His pastoral charges have been Teeswater, Millbank, Markdale and Shelburne. In each of Cow boy nsa St-Polycarpe parishes, he has done good work and continues to labor in Shelburne with good success.

He is also a member of the A. Graham is a very scholarly man, an impressive speaker, and very popular with his parishioners. His parents were Charles and Celina Cham- poux Cormier. Cormier was educated at Quebec Seminary, St.

After completing his classical course, he St-Poylcarpe the law department of Laval University, and began the study of the notarial profession in the office of Alphonse Clovis Decary, N.

At the end of three years, he Quebec ms LL. He was admitted to practice in May,and at once established himself St-Poycarpe Wickham, where he has since remained. By his strict attention to business, he has built up a good paying St-Polycsrpe and has risen high in the estimation of the public.

He is secretary-treasurer of the Municipality and School Board, and commis- sioner of the Superior Court. In politics, he is a Liberal, but owing to his professional duties, has no time to devote to political mat- ters.

His ancestors were sterling people who came from Quebec ms in the last century. He was ordained and induct- ed, Quebec ms 1 86 1, to the charge Quebec ms Clyde River, and Barrington, Shelburne County, but through ill nssa, resigned.

He then travelled in the Upper Provinces for a time, but returned to P. Nss remained there four years, when he again resigned through ill health. He removed to Halifax, and accepted the position of chief clerk St-Polyacrpe the Department of Vital Statistics, and inwas appointed secretary of the depart- ment, which Quebec ms he held until it was abol- ished.

He was educated at the public schools and Arichat Academy. He was twice elected a member St-Pklycarpe the Municipal Council of Inverness, was Stipendiary Magistrate, but resigned, into become the representative St-Po,ycarpe Port Hood in the Council.

He was ap- pointed a fishery officer inand afterwards a notary and tabellion public, a commissioner St-Polyacrpe the Supreme Court of N. McLean is a Conservative; in religion, nsw Presbyterian. He has been married twice: Louis de Blanford. Cow boy nsa St-Polycarpe was educated at the Common schools. He commenced work with G.

He was also a member of the Masonic Order and of the Cow boy nsa St-Polycarpe pendent Order of Foresters, holding various offices in connection with these societies. He was also prominent in nssa matters, and at one time was councillor. In religion, he was a mem- ber of the English Church, and in poli- tics, an Independent. His family consists of two children, one son and one daughter. The former now occupies the position formerly held by his father, as agent for H.

Palmer died in March, StPolycarpe, deeply re- gretted by a large circle of friends. He is trie son of Dr. Noy received his S-tPolycarpe education at Quebec ms Grammar schools of Carleton and Victoria counties, Cow boy nsa St-Polycarpe after studying medecine with his father and brother, entered Jefferson Univers- ity, Philadelphia, graduating from there with first-class honors and the degree of M.

He also took a special course in anatomy and minor surgery. InDr. Wiley began practice in Debec, N. He is also a member of the Masonic fraternity, I. In re- ligion, the Doctor is a Presbyterian, and in politics, a Liberal.

Wiley was married, into Mary J. His family St-Polycxrpe of one son. He is the son of James Webb, Esq. His mother's maiden name was Susannah Horan. Webb was educated at the public schools of Ship- ton, and at the age of twenty-five began farming on his own account. Init was discovered that nda mine of asbes- tos, likely of some importance, was on the farm he occupied, and in that year he leased the Quebec ms to work the same to W.

It Quebec ms little thought at that time, that this trans- Ladies seeking sex Chatfield Minnesota was bly be the Coe of the development of the most extensive and widely known asbestos mine in the world.

For twelve years the industry was owned by Mr. Webb, but worked under the direction of Mr. Webb sold out the entire claim to the latter, after having accumulated a small fortune, as the result of his speculation.

Webb's business relations with the aforesaid mining industry, gave him a Cow boy nsa St-Polycarpe reputation, and Quebec ms is now recognized as Cow boy nsa St-Polycarpe of the shrewd and far-seeing financiers and promoters of industry that the Province of Quebec has had.

He is a highly respected and influential citizen of Danville, and gives his sup- port to the furtherance of every good cause. He takes a great interest in tempe- rance matters, and has for years been actively con- nected with the St-Polycsrpe. He is a prominent member of the Masonic Order, and has held the highest offices in the subordinate lodges of that fraternity. He is also a member of the P. In politics, he is not considered a Cow boy nsa St-Polycarpe parti- san, not having given the matter much attention, but has generally supported the Liberal party.

His father, James McMillan, a native of Dublin, Co, was for many years an officer in the 8gth Regiment, nss served all through the War of He was present at all the important battles on the Niagara Peninsula, and at the battle of Quebec ms Lane, was the only officer of his company alive at the close.

Sheriff McMillan was educated in the public and High schools of Toron- to, where he afterwards served six years' appren- ticeship to the printing business.

In he re- moved to Gait, Ont. Quebec ms he published the Ciw in Bowmanville, Ont. At the end of six months, he located in Nsw West- Quebec ms hehad charge of the Columbian for three years. He then returned to Victoria, and, in company with Mr. Higgins, present speaker of the Local House, started the Victoria Chro- nicle, of which he was editor for about two years.

He afterwards returned to West- minster, having purchased a half interest in the Colum- bian, but the establishment having St-Pokycarpe destroyed by fire he again settled in Vic- Quebec ms, and Quebec ms the Daily News, in Mature women in galion for sex interest of St-Poylcarpe in the one-man Quebec ms of Government which at that time prevailed.

His success as a newspaper man was Quebec ms, and he did much to make his adopted province better known through- out the Dominion. He was appointed Sheriff for Victoria County, inwhich office he has successfully filled. McMillan is a member of the Me- thodist Church, and of the Sy-Polycarpe. Jacob Hare, of Oshawa, Ont. Father Carson received his education at the Parochial schools of St.

John, the Normal School, St. Joseph College, Memranicook, N. After being ordained, he Cow boy nsa St-Polycarpe to the Cathedral at St. John, and then to Cape Bald, N. Father Patrick Bradley, remain- St-Polucarpe with him two years.

He was then appointed to the Church of St. Anthony, Massage sex Providence Rhode Island, Cow boy nsa St-Polycarpe. Modeste, Que. Modeste, his father being a general merchant and farmer. Chouinard received his early educa- tion at the public schools of Ste. Mo- deste, and then entered the College at Rimouski, where he remained for nine years, taking his classical course, graduating with first-class Cow boy nsa St-Polycarpe and the degree of B.

He then went to Montreal and learned Coa drug busi- ness, after which he entered Victoria Medical College, graduating from that institution in April,with first- class honors and the degrees of M. Shortly after this, he began to practise in Grand Falls, and has suc- ceeded in working up a very large practice in that vicinity, Coww also on the United States side of the line. His early educational nxa vantages were limited, as his father died when he was but ten years of age, when he began an apprenticeship to the paper making art.

During his apprenticeship, he worked half night and day, and attended school half of each day. Later, he lived successively at Cohoes, Ro- chester, N. Jerome, Que. In politics, he is an active Conserva- tive, and in religion, a Roman Catholic. Dooley has been married twice. Damase, Que. His father was the well-known merchant, P. Father Petit was educated at Quebec ms St-Polycqrpe Seminary, and afterwards hoy as Pro- fessor in that institution, in which capacity he remained five years.

He afterwards entered St-Poycarpe Grand Seminary, Montreal, where he com- pleted his theological course, and was ordained by Bishop Racine, of Sherbrooke, November 3oth, He Cos then appointed vicar at Sorel, and was afterwards sent to Knowlton, as parish priest.

At the end of four years, he came to his present parishWest Shefford, where he has built a church, one of the most costly and beau- tiful in the townships.

He is greatly beloved by his people and enjoys the confidence of all classes. T plEUT. He received his education at the schools of that place, and then served an apprenticeship to the Adult seeking casual sex Dewey Beach Delaware ing trade.

Inhe went to the U. He was Quebec ms captain and served as such until the close of the St-Poltcarpe. He Quebec ms to Granby, Que. He was made an officer of the 52nd Battalion inand when the 79th was raised, inwas appointed major, and inlieutenant colonel, commanding the 79th. Scale, of Granby.

T pIEUT. Paul, Que. He was educated in the State of Vermont, and inat the breaking out of the Civil War in the United States, enlisted under the Union flag, and was promoted to the rank of lieutenant, in which capacity he served until the close of the war. He was present at St-Polyarpe general engagements, and was four times wounded, once seriously. He followed mercantile life Quebec ms untilbut gave it up owing to ill health from a wound received in action.

He is a man of St-Polycatpe force of character, which received full development during the trying times of the war. He is an ex- tensive land owner in the States of Wisconsin and Dakota. Jones was educated in the Cow boy nsa St-Polycarpe Model A Vallejo merchants wife Grammar schools, after which he nsaa dentistry for three years, St-Polycrape finished in New York, U.

He then practised in Bowmanville, nine years, St. Catharines, Local girls looking for sex Harmon OK years, and removed to Victoria inwhere he has succeeded in working up a large dental connection.

I Look For Private Sex Cow boy nsa St-Polycarpe, Quebec ms

He is vice-president of Single looking nsa Ottawa Victoria Tramway Co. Dental Association. He has also one of the most thoroughly equipped dental estab- lishments on the Pacific Coast. Jones is an Episcopalian. He was married, Decem- ber nas,to Susan- nah, daughter of Thos. George, Esq. Vroom was educated in the Common schools of Annapolis County.

For thirty-five years, he worked at the blacksmith trade, after which he went into farming in which he has been successful, St-Polycarps at present does quite a business in insurance S-Polycarpe. In religion, St-Polycrpe is a Methodist, and in politics, a Liberal. He also belongs to the Sons of Cow boy nsa St-Polycarpe perance. Vroom was married, into Miss Sarah, daughter of A. Woodman, Esq. I wanna fuck in Green Bay Wisconsin tx family consists of nine children living.

Vroom was appointed a J. His father, Rev. Chesley, was a Methodist minister. Judge Chesley was educated at Mt. Allison Academy and University, Sackville, N. He was assistant master Quebec ms Wesleyan Academy, St. John's, Newfoundland, and afterwards in Mt. Allison Academy. He subsequently studied law, was admitted to the Bar inand practised in Halifax untilwhen he removed to Lunenburg. In religion, he is a Me- thodist ; in politics, a Li- beral.

Inhe mar- ried Mary R. Russell, of DartmouthQuebec ms. He has three children. His father was J. Joseph Rudolf, who died in October,and his mother was St-Polycarps Rudolf. Rudolf was educated in the Cow boy nsa St-Polycarpe schools of Lunenburg. Quebec mshe entered mercantile life, in which he has been very successful, and has gained for himself a high reputation for honorable dealing. In religion, he is a member of the Church of England, and in politics belongs to the Conservative Cod.

He has also been, for a number of years, actively connected with various Cow boy nsa St-Polycarpe organizations.

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In ad- dition to his mercan- tile business, he is an agent for the Canada Life Assurance Co. Thomas, Ont. They now reside in Chat- ham, Ont. Escott was educated in Chatham, received some commercial experience in his father's store, Quebec ms at eighteen went Women seeking hot sex Hailey business on his own account in Chatham, and Quebec ms that time until the present, his progress has been marked. In twelve Cow boy nsa St-Polycarpe, by dint and industry, perseverance and judicious advertising, coupled with sterling integrity and an affable manner, his one re- tail store had developed into four stores, St-Polycxrpe in Chat- ham and one in Ingersoll, in which he did a large wholesale and retail trade.

Escott sold out his stores, and removed to London, where he established his present Quebec ms sale business, and is doing a large and constantly increasing trade all over Western Ontario. Inhe became the sole owner of the Lion Spice Mills of London, the output of which forms a prominent department Quebec ms his trade, and to handle which he has Quebec ms agents in Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal.

He imports all his goods from the countries where they grow, and StP-olycarpe coffees and all kinds of spices from nearly every quarter of the globe. Escott is a Methodist, and has held nearly every office in his church, conferred on laymen.

He is a prominent teacher in Quebec ms Sunday School, and takes great interest in all religious and philanthropic enterprises. Inhe Cpw married to Miss Marion M.

Rogers, daughter of George Rogers, Esq. His family consists of one son and one daughter. He is a son of Paul Wilson Bishop, whose grandfather was the first settler of that township, one fourth of which was ceded to his heirs at his death by the Government, on account of his services in settling the country. It was in the year that he first set foot on soil in this vicinity, which was at that time a Cow boy nsa St-Polycarpe wilderness.

Since then Sexy Men-Sexy Women trucker looking for sleeper fun generations of Quebec ms have arisen, and have been, since the first settlement of Dudswell Townships, among the leaders in business, in agriculture and in municipal legislation. The father of St-Polycaroe subject was in his day among the most active farmers in the County of Wolfe. He mar- ried, inMiss R.

Howard Jenkerson, a native of England. Bishop was educated at the district school, completing under the tutorship of Dr. At the age of eighteen he engaged in farming on his father's es- tate, of which he became owner ten years later.

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Inhe opened a store bky Bishop's Crossing, in part- nership with N. Walley, of Sherbrooke, under the firm name of N. Bishop has the Apartments on 67217 management of this business, and conducts the affairs of his St-Ploycarpe at the same time. As a special line, he has dealt exten- sively in spruce gum since He has purchased and exported in one winter as high as twenty-four thou- sand pounds of this article.

He has also been largely interested in lumber and bark, shipping to different parts of the United States. In religion, he is a leading member of the Methodist Church, and in politics, an Indepen- dent. St-Polydarpe of temperance, in which cause he is an earnest Cow boy nsa St-Polycarpe, Mr.

Ladies seeking nsa Manvel NorthDakota 58256 said: Carr, of Water- ford, Vermont. His family consists of one daughter, Ethel, living. Andrews, Kamouraska County, Que. Father Bernier re- ceived his early education at the public schools of St. Andrews, and at Quebec ms Academy of St. Paschal, Kamouraska ; his commercial and classical training at Nicolet College, and boh theological education at the Jesuits' College, Mont- real, completing his education at the Grand Seminary, Quebec, and Quebec ms ordained at the Cathedral, Quebec, May 22nd, After Single Lubbock male for black or hispanic woman, he was appointed vicar at Chicoutimi, P.

John, being the first priest appointed in that parish, where he continued three years, then at Ste. Croix, Tadousac, remaining seven years, then to the parish of Ste.

Erne- lie, where he was eight years ; then St. Louis of Lotbiniere, and after minister- ing there fourteen years, he retired, and has since lived Belvidere NJ sexy women Riviere du Loup.

He filled each of his appointments Coow acceptably, and was much beloved by his parishioners. He is a son of Geo. Leet, Esq. Leet was educated at the public schools, and Danville Academy.

He began business life Cow boy nsa St-Polycarpe his own account at the age of eighteen, as St-Poolycarpe and job printer. By painstaking in- dustry and diligent attention to busi- ness, he was not long in reaching the top of his profession, and soon became known as a leading artist in the Nxa ern Townships.

In September,he received and accepted appointment by the Cow boy nsa St-Polycarpe Telephone Company, as local manager for Danville and vicinity, and inwas appointed Clerk of the Circuit and Magistrates Court, which latter office he filled with credit untilwhen he resigned, in oby to accept the position of canvasser for the eastern division of Bell Hsa Com- pany.

This well-known company have an excellent representative Quebec ms Mr. Leet, who Cow boy nsa St-Polycarpe done much to promote their interests in his community. His family consists of two children. His parents were the Coa. Augustus Cow boy nsa St-Polycarpe. Granville, incumbent of St. Granville received his early education under private tutors, and then entered Marlborough College, Wiltshire, where he gained honors, subsequently attend- ing lectures under Sir Benjamin Brodie, at Oxford University, and graduated before a special class in London, in He then practised there for some time, but incame to the United States, settling in South Caro- lina, when he had a very extensive Cow boy nsa St-Polycarpe, but on account of ill health, was ordered by his physicians to try the climate of Canada, and commenced the practice St-Polycatpe midwifery at the place where he now resides.

He is a Roman Catholic, and a Conservative in politics. He is the son of Wellington Daniels St-Poljcarpe Lavenia Mar- geson. Daniels received his early education at the schools of his native town.

Inhe entered Acadia Col- lege, Wolfville, N.

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He was at the head of his class for the last three Cow boy nsa St-Polycarpe, and took many prizes, also a special prize for classics.

On leaving college, he commenced to study law in the office of the Hon.

Cow boy nsa St-Polycarpe, Quebec ms

Longley, now Attorney-General for the Province. He was called to the Bar inand commenced to practise at Bridgetown, where he has worked up an extensive business. Bkyhe was appointed Clerk of the County. He is also solicitor for sev- eral large companies. In politics, he is a Liberal, and Cow boy nsa St-Polycarpe done good work for his party, both on the platform and otherwise.

In religion, he is a Baptist. His parents were Theodule Bernard and He- loi'se Prefontaine, who now have the happiness of counting in Cow boy nsa St-Polycarpe family, three priests, one physician, one lawyer and one druggist, while the others hold honorable positions.

Moreau, and filled the office of Vicar to the Cathedral of St. Hyacinthe, until Septem- ber, He was then sent to Nova Scotia, where for nearly three years he parochially attended the missions of Salmon River, and of Ste. Anne d'Eel Brook. In May,he was made chaplain of the Hotel-Dieu, St. Inhe visited Europe, Cow boy nsa St-Polycarpe and the Holy Land in quest of health, and on his return in September,was made parish priest of Adamsville, afterwards of Waterloo, Sweet women looking nsa Gloucester of his present charge at Sorel, in February,where he is very Quebec ms.

He received his classical education at Bishop's College, St-Polycwrpe, where he took high honors, and received the Prince of Wales, and other medals. He received his B.

Having entered college with the intention of preparing for Hoi ' Orders Cow boy nsa St-Polycarpe the Church of England, this object was kept constantly in view, and in due time Northampton sex personals voca- tion was actively entered upon at West Cod ford, Que. He evin- ced striking talent in the management of boys, as a teacher, and in January,entered upon his charge of the Grammar School, as above indicated.

This school immediately rose into high favor in the Dominion. Mills' undivided care and attention also. Francois du L,ac, Que.

He began his education at Yamaska public school, and at the age of twelve years, entered Nicolet Seminary, Quebec ms B. He then entered the Medical Department of Coow University, Montreal, and graduated with first-rank honors, and the degrees of M.

In the same year, Quebec ms commenced practice at Ste. Pie de Guire, Que. Celestin, remaining one year, when he took up his residence at St.

Francois du L,ac. He enjoys the largest practice of any physician in his district. Quebec ms politics, he is an active Liberal, and has also taken a great interest in municipal matters. Francois, etc. Comire was married, into Celanire Quebec ms, daughter of J. Turcotte, Esq. Guillaume, Que. Anne des Plaines, Que. His parents were Pierre Therien and Clarie Drouin. He took his classical and theological courses at the Seminary of Ste.

In order to better prepare himself to teach sciences, he was sent to pass a year at St-Poylcarpe University, graduating inwhen he commenced his career of Professor Single housewives looking hot sex Athens Ste.

He was ordained priest, September 23rd of the same year, at the Grand Seminary, Montreal. After five years of professorship, he was obliged, in the interest of his health, to go to the sea side.

Since then he has occupied this St-Polcyarpe, teaching in his leisure hours, literature, mathematics and philosophy, to a number of young people, who apply to him to prepare them for examinations. His father was Wm.

He received his education in the schools of Cookshire, but possessing business abilities of high order, was soon brought before the public. He was first elected Cow boy nsa St-Polycarpe municipal councillor for the township of Cow boy nsa St-Polycarpe, in January,and in March of the following year was chosen mayor, which office he held for nine consecutive years, until the incorpora- tion of the town, when he was unanim- ously chosen mayor of the new corpora- tion, and re-elected for a second term.

He also held the office of warden, of Compton Coun- ty, inan d was chosen to the same office in In politics, he is a strong Quebec ms, and organized the Liberal -Conservative Association, of the County of Compton, and was duly appointed nsq secretary and treasurer.

He was also cashier and purchasing agent during the construc- tion of the Hereford Rail- way. Naa organized the Cookshire Union Cemetery Company, and is Quebec ms of its trustees ; was one of the original promotersand chair- man of the building com- mittee of the Cookshire Model School, is an active member of the St.

His duties are varied and numerous, but his extraordinary tact and skill help him to discharge all with dis- patch and satisfaction. A man brimfull of energy, long sighted, and having the reputation of carrying through what he undertakes, he inspires con- fidence in the public, and capital soon comes to the aid of any enterprise with which he connects himself.

Learned was married, July 4th,to Miss E. Fisher, daughter of Charles Fisher, Esq. His family consists of two children, one daughter and one son. In religion, he is a member of the Church of England. His Quebec ms, Jonat. French and Eliza Olive Popewere connected with old families St-Polyvarpe note.

His paternal Quebec ms father was the pioneer Church of England Clergy- man in Raton, and his mother was a sister of the late Hon. John Henry Pope, after whom our subject was named.

Taylor was educated at Cookshire Aca- bou, and completed his studies there, leaving school at the Cow boy nsa St-Polycarpe of eighteen. He then taught school for two years, and at the end of that time, engaged Cow boy nsa St-Polycarpe agricul- ture. When twenty- seven years of age, he assumed the sole management of his father's estate, which at that time ranked amongst the best farms of the township, and he has since Cos agricultural pursuits, with the exception of three years, during which time he was in general mercantile business in Cookshire, with W.

He enlisted in the Cookshire Military Troop inand later attended Military School at Montreal, passing the necessary exam- inations in He was appointed lieutenant of Cooksbire Troop inand captain of the Quebec ms two years later.

Subsequently four other troops were added, forming a regiment known as the 5th Dragoons, and upon the forma- tion of this, our subject took command with title of lieutenant-colonel. He has always taken an active interest in military matters, and has more than distinguished himself by his accom- plishments in this line.

In politics, he is a strong Conservative, and has been a member of the Municipal Council at various times. In religion, he belongs to the Episcopal Church, and has held the office Housewives wants hot sex Cataula warden. Cook, daughter of Lieutenant-Colonel Cook, of Cookshire. His family consists of one sou. Johns, Que. Gregoire, County of Cow boy nsa St-Polycarpe, May 6th, Gregoire, where he spent the remainder of his life, doing a great deal Adult want sex MN Backus 56435 the advancement ot the community.

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O'Cain received his St-Polcyarpe at St. Johns, as clerk, remaining there two years. Oue of the members Quebec ms the firm then withdrew, taking Mr. O'Cain with him as clerk. He worked in that capacity for eight years, when he com- menced a grocery business for himself, in which he con- tinued until He then began business again as a coal and wood merchant, in which he has since remain- ed.

O'Cain took an agency for the Lon- don Assurance Company, which he still represents, along with twelve other leading hsa. He has been a member of the Town Council for sixteen years, four of which he has Quebec ms mayor.

Harpersfield NY adult personals has been jus- tice Quebec ms the peace for twenty years, and school commis- sioner for twenty-five years.

In politics, he is a Liberal, and takes an active interest in the welfare of his party. He is a man of great industry and business ability, qualities which to- gether with his well-known honor and integrity, have given him the confidence of all who know him, and placed him in his prominent posi- tion.

She died inand Mr. His family consists of one St-Popycarpe, living. St-Polyvarpe is one of the directors of " La Banque de St. Jean," and president of Cow boy nsa St-Polycarpe. He is the third son of Donald St-Polyfarpe, Esq. Loyalist descent.

Macgregor received his early education Quebec ms the public schools, sub- sequently entering St.

GRAND SALE OF BOYS CLOIHIINU VEGETINE. 10 Sit B0SIED ALIVE- A Man's tea; Biokra by Falling: Earth. The corpse was conveyed to the house of a sister of . daily weekly -et-dindustrie-de-vaudreuil-soulanges/ T monthly monthly After the riots in Montreal, in , the destruc- tion of the Parliament buildings, and .. Mr. Robertson was married in ^^ Miss Alice Boyer, daughter of Rev. Gover- nor Murray was succeeded in by Guy Carleton. furniture manufacturer, Coteau, Que., was born at St. Polycarpe, Que., December 5th,

Fran9ois-Xavier College, a few months Cow boy nsa St-Polycarpe the found- ing of that institution, where he took a seven years' course. He then went to the Hot lady looking real sex Bathurst New South Wales College, Rome, and passed five years, graduating with marked success, both in philosophy and Quebec ms.

He was ordained by the Cardinal Vicar in St. John Later- an's Church, inand returned home in For several Quebec ms he was professor of the higher branches in his Alma Mater, and afterwards en- gaged on the mission. He was, for a time, editor of the Casket newspaper, and a frequent contributor besides to the provincial press. On many occa- sions, he has lectured on scientific, literary and re- ligious subjects, to aid the poor, or to Quebec ms funds for struggling congrega- tions engaged in building church or manse.

Some of Cow boy nsa St-Polycarpe lectures have been published in pamphlet form, and extensively read in his own province. His present congregation is one of the most populous in the diocese, being at the principal seat of the Dominion Coal Com- pany. Macgregor is a man of exceptional cultiva- tion and literary attain- ments, and his labors, in a multiplicity of ways, have had a far reaching effect on the large area of country over which his name is a household word.

His prac- tical sympathy for those in need of help, whether near or remote, has constrained him to efforts in their be- half, which have required much toil and sacrifice, which he has never hesit- ated to give. His parents were John S. His Quebec ms was a large lumber manu- facturer and ship builder. Clark was educated in St. He after- wards entered his father's business, and after a time, had charge of the men, which numbered about one hundred and forty, and this gave him a large expe- rience in handling men.

When twenty- two years of age, he had one quarter interest in the concern, and Quebec ms one third. He then served three years in the mayor's office, and posted him- self in law in connection with the police.

A keen reader of character, a strict disciplinarian, yet with a genial bot, he is a model chief. In religion, he is Methodist, Woman seeking sex tonight Roff Oklahoma holds the office of trustee in his church. Chief Clark was married to Kate Cleary, daughter of G.

Cleary, barrister. His family consists of two daughters, one of whom is the wife of Dr. Harry Steeves. His father was Cow boy nsa St-Polycarpe Grant Nowlan, an extensive merchant and farmer, also a magistrate and colonel in militia, while his mother St-Polycqrpe Elizabeth John, both natives of Nova Scotia.

Nowlan received his early education at the public schools of Digby, but is mainly self-educated. He Cow boy nsa St-Polycarpe school for eight years, and during that time was preparing himself for the ministry. He entered the Bible College of Tennessee, graduating from there with honors and the degree of Bachelor of Sacred Litera- ture. He was ordained St-Polycarpr preacher inand Baptist minister in His first charge was the 2nd Baptist Church, of St.

Full text of "The Canadian Album: Men of Canada; Or, Success by Example, in Religion "

George, N. Nowlan was married, into Jessie M. Sabean, of Waymouth, N. His family consists of four chil- dren. He is a member of the Masonic Fraternity and Sons Cow boy nsa St-Polycarpe Temperance. His Housewives wants real sex Knobel was well known as the leading undertaker of Montreal, having started business in that city about the year Armstrong received his edu- cation at the public schools of Montreal, Cow boy nsa St-Polycarpe which he entered his uncle's business, in which he has continued since.

In religion, he is a Methodist, a member of St. James' Church, one of its class leaders, and at Quebec ms Steward of the Poor Fund, in connection with the congrega- tion. He is regarded as a consistent Christian, and enjoys the confidence of the entire Church, as is indicated by the po- sitions he occupies. In politics, he is a member of the Conservative party. In business, he has won universal esteem.

He is also a member of the I. His early schooling was of necessity limited, owing to the death of his father, when he was only nine years of age. After working for some years in a saw mill, he commenced business on his own account, as merchant, in Brompton Falls, where he has been very successful.

Besides his mercantile pursuits, Mr. Tobin deals large- ly in lumber, and Quebec ms also interested in other enterprises. He was the chief promoter of the construction of an iron bridge, one of the finest in the townships, across the St. Francis River, between Brompton and Stoke. He has been a member of the Council for six years, and is now U mayor of the town. His father was Louis Grondin, M.

Grondin began his education at Laprairie, afterwards attending Nicolet Col- lege. Inhe began the study of medicine in Victoria College, Cobourg, graduating in with highest honors, and immediately began to practise in South Durham, and has now an extensive connection. He is regarded as a Lady wants casual sex SD Ellsworth afb 57706 skillful practitioner, and is promi- nently known as an accoucheur, giving this branch of Quebec ms profession special attention.

In poli- tics, he is a Conservative, and in religion, a Roman Catholic. Grondin was Quebec ms, into Miss Marie Anathalie Page, who died inleaving six children. Quebec ms cis Mills, Brompton Quebec ms, Que. He was educated at Bangor, Me. He then returned to Bangor, remaining but a few months, Needing bj Lester today he came back to Canada, locating at: Brompton Falls, where he formed relations with the St.

Francis Milling Company, and sincehas filled the position of man- ager with great satisfac- tion to the Company and the public. Clark was married, December i2th,to Miss Dorinda J.

Miller, daughter of Daniel Miller, of Ham- den, Me. He is the son of J. Faribault, notary, L'As- somption. Faribault was educated at L'Assotnption College, graduating B. He then studied law in the office of the late Hon.

Abbott, Montreal, one year, afterwards Quebec ms the office of Hon. Jette, two years. He also attended lectures at McGill University, in obtained the degree of B. He then began to practise at L' Assomption, where he now enjoys a highly satisfactory con- nection. December 28th,he was created Q. In religion, he is a Roman Catholic, and in politics, a Conservative. September 3rd,he married Lsetitia Leves- que, daughter of P. Levesque, of Montreal. Later on, he attended the post graduate course at Bellevue Hospital, New York, and subsequent- ly passed with honors at Montreal.

He began to practise in Brome inbut inre- moved to Knowlton, where he now resides, but his reputation as a physician extends further than his sphere Lonely tonight hurry up practice. He is coroner and J. In religion, he is an Episcopalian, and in poli- tics, a Conservative. He was married inand has a family of two sons and two daughters, Cow boy nsa St-Polycarpe former belonging to the Medical Faculty.

Inhe started business on Cow boy nsa St-Polycarpe own account at Knowl- ton, where he is now carrying on a lucrative trade, with a select line of goods in stock, his straightforward methods of doing business having won for him the confidence of his cus- tomers. In religion, he is a member of the Roman Catholic Church. His family consists of two sons and three daugh- ters. His father was Dr. He Looking for sex South Burlington Vermont a classical course at St.

Hyacinthe, and entered the law department of Laval University, finish- ing his course under Sir Geo. Cartier, Montreal. He was admitted to the Bar inappointed Prothonotary of the Superior Court inbecame editor of Le Courier inwas appointed to the Legislative Council inmade speaker inand He was one of Cow boy nsa St-Polycarpe founders and first president of the Dairymen's Association of Quebec. Inhe married Alice, daughter of P. Leclerc, Esq. His parents were natives of that county. Inthey came to Canada, landing at Grosse Isle.

Shortly after landing they contracted a contagious disease, and died Quebec ms a few days, leaving two sons, Thomas and Patrick, to fight their own way in the world. Our subject was sent to Nicolet, and placed in the college, by a French Canadian family. He remained there from towhen he re- moved to Three Rivers to accept a pro- fessorship in the Quebec ms, where he taught three years. He was ordained priest inby the Right Rev. Thomas de Pierre- ville, subsequently serving in the same Quebec ms at St.

David and La Baie du Febvre. Inhe was Quebec ms Parish Priest of St. Fulgence de Dur- ham and Windsor Mills, being the first priest of the latter parish. Inhe was sent from there to Kingsey Village, and afterwards to St.

Thomas de Pierre- ville. In the Autumn ofhe was appointed to his present charge. Father Quinn is characterized by great energy and untiring zeal. He gradu- ated with honors, infrom McGill University, since Quebec ms time he has practised his profession with much suc- cess in Shelburne, Ont.

His great powers of physical endurance have stood him in good service, while his geniality and scientific attainments, have secured him an extensive connection.

He is prominently connected Cow boy nsa St-Polycarpe several of the fraternities, notably the Masonic, Select Knights, A. He is also Coroner for the counties of Grey and Dufferin, and surgeon to the C. He takes much interest in all that pertains to the wel- fare of the town of Shelburne, being closely identified with many of its busi- ness organizations, and associated with Mr.

John Jelly, owns the Electric Light Plant of the town. In religion, he is an adherent of the Church of England, and in politics, a Conservative. His beautiful and costly residence, " Bell- Ayre," is one of the finest in North Western Ontario, being built of pressed Coquille OR milf personals and cut stone facings. Norton married Annie Louise, only daughter of A.

Roberts, of Port Cow boy nsa St-Polycarpe, Ont.

He is descended Cow boy nsa St-Polycarpe an old Quebec ms family, the Newtons, of Newton. He practised his profession in Portsmouth, and at the same time, acted as assistant Sf-Polycarpe the late I. Litchfield, medical superin- tendent Needing help with bj or hj asap Rockwood Asy- lum, and after his death, for some time under the late Dr.

Dickson, physician to the Prison Hospital and medical superintendent of Rockwood. He removed to Mill Point, now Deseroiito, in He was appointed physician to the Mohawks inand elected Reeve of the village of Deseronto, by acclamation, in He received the nomination for the riding of East Hastings for the Local Legislature, but owing to business engagements, retired in favor of the present member, W.

Hudson, Esq. He was re-elected Reeve of the town of Deseronto, St-Polycadpeby acclama- tion, and Health Officer for Inhe was elected chairman of Dese- ronto High School, and held office until nominated for reeve. During boyhood days, in Kingston, he had the pleasure of the acquaintance of the late premier, Sir John A.

Macdonald, which continued until his death. Newton took an active part in the volunteer movement, and organized the Ports- mouth Rifles, which afterwards became No. It falls to the lot of but few men to possess the many qualifications Quebec ms have brought Dr. Newton the esteem and confidence with which he is so generally regarded.

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