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Skip to main content. Social network cam girls using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. To learn more, view our Privacy Networi. Log Social network cam girls Sign Up. Celebrity and Florida girl wants cock in the Age of Social Networks.

This book is a critical and ethnographic study of 4 camgirls: Her books include History of the Internet: Internet and women. Internet—Social aspects. Technology and women. Sex in popular culture. S46 Cover design by Irene J.

Silva The paper in this book meets the guidelines for permanence and durability of the Committee on Production Guidelines for Book Longevity of the Council of Library Resources. Reprint or reproduction, even partially, in all ca such as microfilm, xerography, microfiche, microcard, and offset strictly prohibited.

Printed in the United States of America! Table of Contents Acknowledgments vii Introduction: Keeping it Real on the Web: Authenticity, Celebrity, Branding 15 Chapter 2. The Future of Feminism on the Web 33 Chapter 3. Being and Acting Online: From Telepresence to Tele-ethicality 55 Chapter 4.

The Public, the Private, and the Pornographic 77 Chapter 5. Social network cam girls

Camgirls: Celebrity and Community in the Age of Social Networks - Theresa M. Senft - Google Книги

Social network cam girls I Am a Network: I am particularly indebted to my friend danah boyd, a true pioneer in the field of social network research, who encouraged me to submit a copy of this manuscript to her colleagues in a digital reading group at the Annenberg School. To say their critiques and comments influenced the final manuscript is understatement in extremis.

I changed jobs a number Single housewives seeking porno South Portland times during the writing of this Socal and at each, I was fortunate enough to have enthusiastic co-workers willing to listen to my ideas at length.

I finished this project while at the University of East London, U. Finally, this project would have never come to fruition if not for five individuals. My brothers Michael grils Social network cam girls. My friend Tom Igoe not only happily suffered my ruminations, he also set up a webcam for his cat Noodles in New York, which makes my days in London much happier.

Of the people who have supported me intellectually over the years, I perhaps owe Angus Johnston the greatest debt, for teaching me that the only way to hit a moving target is to think about today as a historian Social network cam girls. At the very least, she reasoned, the gesture would allow me to introduce myself to my subjects as someone sympathetically allied Social network cam girls their subculture, rather than girld an outsider merely interested in writing a book. I still have flashbacks of that first day homecamming.

I spent an hour adjusting and readjusting my hair, makeup, and lighting, feeling nauseated just thinking about my vanity, and fretting over the folly of broadcasting my image to anyone with a computer and an interest in watching. I was also squeamish Skcial the political implications of such an act: Was this really the future of women in new media? Over the following gilrs months, my nausea would be replaced by wonder, challenge, and a sense of community until finally, restless betwork something new, I shut the camera down.

This book is an ethnographic and critical study of one generation of camgirls Social network cam girls their viewers from to Its narrative follows that of the camgirl phenomenon itself, beginning with the earliest experiments in personal homecamming and ending with the newest forms Soial identity and community being articulated through social networking sites like LiveJour- nal, YouTube, MySpace and Facebook.

Welcome to, uh, me. Click here for a popup networ, of the cam that will refresh every thirty seconds, unless my system crashes.

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Then I have to drink some iced coffee, stress out and put things right. In the meantime, why not do some reading?

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For those interested in my daily musings, I provided a pointer to my page on LiveJournal, the blogging site of choice netwok cam- girls. These extras were intended to compensate for the fact that all my viewers ever really got to see was a Social network cam girls image of me at my computer, me reading on my bed, or me putting my coat on.

In Social network cam girls Beginning The viewers Social network cam girls chose to follow the links soon discovered my preoccupation with my deceased mother. Figure 2. Scenes from the Terricam. Sisterhood glrls a warm feeling! For other women, the danger netwkrk not so much titillation as a paralyzing solipsism that isolates rather than connects those who can help us recognize the personal as political.

Feminist scholar Rita Felski, for one, is skeptical: Is the act of confessing a liberating step for women, which uncovers the political dimensions of the personal experience, confronts the contradictions of exist- ing gender roles, and creates an important sense of female identification and solidarity?

Now point it toward someone, and see how long that person holds out before checking their image; I think the longest anyone has ever gone in my home is Women wants hot sex Ruston Louisiana five girlls.

The crew even started reading my journal once they realized my readers were commenting on what they saw.

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I had thought people working in the television industry would be beyond such things. I was wrong.

For Benjamin, the destruction of aura was a positive thing—if everything might be a dupli- cate, a democratization of art-making was at hand. In the digital age, the shock of the new takes a slightly different form. If mechanics introduced people to the pleasure of transforming authenticity through reproduction, digital technologies afford us the opportunity to pro- duce and distribute ourselves as copies.

In the mechanical age, the man Social network cam girls ing a striped shirt in New York marvels that someone in Japan is commenting on his clothing. Social network cam girls the digital age, he engages with the person viewing him at Naughty girls Lincoln distance, annotating his self-presentation in order to allow himself to be more fully known.

On the Web, the medium of exchange is not dialogue, but rather dialectic. Web dialectic begins when we present our images, gestures and words for consumption by various audiences. In response, those audiences pro- duce portraits, stories, counter-points, and even satires of their own. We are then faced with a choice: Rather than performing as passive objects for the consumption of others, we demand recognition as living subjects.

Our demand to be recognized as a subject takes the form of words, images, and gestures that will in turn be circulated as representa- tional objects among audiences, and the cycle continues.

A perfect example of the dialectical nature of Web exchange can be found in the genesis of this book. In the course of my research, I corre- sponded with approximately Social network cam girls camgirls and nearly eighty homecam viewers, and conducted formal interviews with ten camgirls and twenty- one viewers.

Ultimately, I was able to speak face-to-face with fifteen of those thirty-one formal subjects. We met in various places: To facilitate that process, I periodically posted draft chapters on LiveJournal.

Sovial their comments would provoke multi-sided conversations that gave me new Sovial into the issues I was exploring. My point Social network cam girls repeating: The Challenge of Network Society Thus far, I have argued that the dialectical nature of Web exchange can serve those who wish to make the personal political in the time of network society, even as it presents far greater risks than older forms of network- ing such as consciousness-raising.

Now, I want to consider the challenges network society itself poses for feminists.

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Human beings have always been enmeshed in complex Social network cam girls network structures such as food webs, semantic webs, and economic webs. On the one hand, it permits women around the world to use technologies of travel and information as never before, enabling girks to escape their cities and countries of giels, work Sociial, and distribute media over the Internet.

For some women the changes have been nothing short of miraculous. As Andrew Calcutt points out, technology use alone is a poor 864would you308like to meet 5631 for coffee of social power: This last factor may help explain why I had particular trouble locating women in places such as the Middle East excepting Israel Social network cam girls Africa excepting South Africaas these regions tend to have public telecenters rather than private Internet connections.

Space, Time, and the Presentations of Self Women who wish to engage the personal as political in an age of networks need to understand that networked communication tends to complicate earlier ideas regarding appropriate ways to organize. Early conscious- ness-raising groups were often contentious and sometimes fractious. The women in them might differ intensely in life experience, or in their views on sexuality, work, motherhood, or any number of other Mature sexy chat dating fort Bear Delaware. But they had more-or-less clear boundaries in space and time—each meeting had a beginning and an end, and each was Social network cam girls in a private space among participants who were known to one another.

The Social network cam girls examined in this book confound traditional conceptions of public and private, open and closed, creating profound implications for their partici- pants.

One concept developed at length throughout this book is that of friend- ship. Gils, the self I might present to a Riot Grrl group is not the one I present to my brothers, and the one I present to a lover is not the one I present to a Social network cam girls a different lover.

I can Sociap my self presentation as I move from the bedroom to the classroom, and from the classroom to the bar. Even when others recall networl most embarrassing moments, they are filtered through the gauze of memory. Online, the words and images with which we associate ourselves persist indefinitely, retaining their Adult looking hot sex IN East chicago 46312 original form long after the context of their creation has gidls lost and the self who cre- ated them has been discarded.

An executive asked Spcial divulge her banking details to a tele-worker may appear to have little in Social network cam girls with a woman who strips for public viewing on her webcam, Social network cam girls both routinely provide intimate details about their lives to people whom they may never meet face to face, people with whom they would otherwise never be connected.

Publicity, Branding and Emotional Labor I have spoken above about some of the dilemmas of the networked age— confession, trust, compartmentalization. Three of these techniques discussed at length in this book are the generation of celebrity, building of self as brand, and engagement in a specific form of emotional labor.

I became aware of the power of celebrity early on in my homecam- ming tenure.

I went from occasionally going into my Social network cam girls room to goof off with friends, to arriving and seeing ten or fifteen unfamiliar names. Eventually I realized that these people felt they were owed some entertain- ment. Was I supposed to put on a show?